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The representatives of Military-Industrial Complex of Belarus and Russia are intent upon complete involvement of the mechanisms of Belarusian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation, - informed Press Service of the State Military-Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus. 

The agency explained that the Russian delegation in the composition of the Director of the Federal Service on Military – Technical Cooperation Mr. A. Fomin, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Mr. A. Potapov and General Director of OJSC “Rosoboronexport” Mr. A. Isaykin on 14-15 July made a working visit to the city of Minsk and held negotiations with the Chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee Mr. S. Gurulev. 

"During the negotiations the Parties carried out the analysis of the current state of military-technical cooperation between Belarus and Russia paying special attention to the conceptual approaches for its further development in midterm, as well as discussed and came up to the order of coordination and interaction with respect to military-technical cooperation with third countries.  In order to add dynamic to the solution of these tasks the Parties offer to involve in full volume mechanisms of activity of Belarusian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation", - mentioned in the Press Service of the State Military-Industrial Committee.

Development of cooperation ties between two-state organizations, as well as formulation of the effective mechanisms for more complete involvement of economic, production and scientific-technological potential for cooperation extension became a separate issue for negotiations.

A Minutes of working session was signed following the results of the negotiations held.

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The aircraft was delivered in a disassembled form by an IL-76 cargo aircraft. It will be assembled by Russian specialists later on. These aircraft will improve flight personnel training capacity right up to training how to fly prospective fifth-generation aircraft, explained the Defense Ministry.

The source added that the Russian R&D corporation Irkut is expected to deliver four combat and training aircraft Yak-130 to the Belarusian army this year in accordance with the Belarusian-Russian agreement on developing military technical cooperation. A team of Air Force and Air Defense specialists continues studying how to fly and provide maintenance services for this kind of aircraft at the aviation personnel training center in the Russian city of Zhukovsky.

Developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau, the two-seat aircraft Yak-130 is designed to offer basic and advanced training for frontline pilots. The aircraft boasts outstanding maneuverability and modern onboard radio equipment and electronics, which state-of-the-art combat aircraft use. The aircraft also has increased reliability and a long service life. Yak-130 is the world's only training aircraft that can boast the aerodynamic configuration and subsonic flight performance matching those of modern fighter jets. The aircraft can carry up to 3,000kg of combat payload (guided and unguided missiles and bombs, cannons and so on) using nine external suspensions.

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By the end of the year the 377th guards air defense missile regiment, the 1st and 115th air defense missile regiments are supposed to get four air defense missile batteries S-300, representatives of the Belarusian Defense Ministry told.

According to the source, S-300 training systems are being purchased, too. The radio warfare troops are getting new Belarus-made hardware such as the radar station Rosa and the modern radar complex Vostok. There are plans to buy new radar stations, including in Russia.

For the sake of improving the effectiveness of aviation the Air Force and Air Defense command intends to test equipment meant to provide comprehensive protection against high-precision weapons to aerial units. All the necessary equipment has been tested by OAO 558 Aircraft Repair Plant and at the proving ground of the Belarusian Defense Ministry. The complex can jam enemy radars without requiring the pilot's attention.

Representatives of the Belarusian Defense Ministry noted that the acquisition of new and modernized hardware and weapons by the Air Force and Air Defense units allows considerably bolstering the capabilities of military units with regard to the quality fulfillment of air defense missions. Nowadays Air Defense and Air Force units occupy a proper place in the national defense system. They demonstrate high professional skills, cohesiveness and the ability to act in a complicated environment, stressed the source.

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During the period from 6to 16 April 2015, the 31st navigational-topographic center will hold a call with mobile navigational-topographic complex crews of navigational-topographic military units and 927th center for training and operating of unmanned aerial vehicles of Air Forces and Air Defence.

During the event,organization, UAV «Formula» (which is a part of mobile navigational-topographic complex) flight operation and support matters will be exercised.

Main purpose of this UAV is to conduct oblique (with airborne TV camera) and plane (with airborne TV, photo and infrared camera) pre-programmed surveying with reference to telemetric data and transmission of surveying, timing and gridding data.

Crew training will be organized in two stages.

In the first stage, crews will study operation manuals of terrain online monitoring complex, search and evacuation works procedures, as well as get familiarized with special automated online air survey software and will undergo an unmanned aviationcombat training course (tactic level).

In the second stage, the participants will exerciselanding site selection, UAV ground control and processing station location, UAV takeoff and landing matters.

According to the results of training and pass/fail exams, crews will be granted with the permission to operate independentlymobile navigational-topographic complexes.

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UN/UNDP Resident Coordinator in Belarus Sanaka Samarasinha praised the progress made in the implementation of the project on Safe Storage of Light and Small Arms Stockpiles conducted jointly by OSCE, EU, UNDP and the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. Sanaka Samarasinha took part in an opening ceremony for a number of modernized facilities – a repair shop and a storage area for light and small arms stockpiles in one of the military units of Gomel.

According to the coordinator, the implementation of the project will help to align the practices of light and small arms storage with the recommendations contained in the UN comprehensive regulations on disarmament. “It will promote stability in Central and Eastern Europe through strengthening security in the stores of light and small arms to reduce the proliferation risks,” Sanaka Samarasinha said at the briefing.

Under the project, the storehouses for light and small arms have been renovated, with the installation of perimeter fences, intrusion protection systems, fire alarm systems, perimeter alarms, indoor and outdoor lighting systems. 13 military units have been supplied with equipment and materials to strengthen security in the stores, as well as the required fire safety equipment.

The OSCE and EU states have so far allocated almost $3.3 million. The money will be used to modernize seven military units. About $4.6 million is necessary to complete the project.

Head of the EU Delegation in Belarus Maira Mora, who also took part in the opening ceremony, told media: “This is an investment in important things. As the military say, no cases of loss of small arms have been registered in Belarus so far. However, the country spent more money on the security systems than it will after the modernization.”

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