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World news



Every Belarusian border service outpost will get an unmanned aerial vehicle within the next few years for the sake of improving the effectiveness of protection of the state border,  learned from Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus Leonid Maltsev during a session of the advisory board.

“The drones will allow keeping an eye on the designated section of the border in any weather and will feed the information while flying along the designated route,” explained the official.

Apart from that, the State Border Committee is working to buy gyrocopters and provide every border service unit with it. Gyrocopters boast increased maneuverability, can use much shorter runways for landing and taking off. “Apart from that, gyrocopters can hover in one place against strong wind. The excellent view from up there and the weaker vibrations in comparison with helicopters make gyrocopters very comfortable for observing restricted-access territories from the air. Their economic effectiveness is another important factor in favor of introducing these technical novelties in the border service,” added representatives of the State Border Committee of Belarus.

The Belarusian border service will still use helicopters provided by the Emergencies Ministry and the Defense Ministry for the sake of protecting the state border.

The introduction of the electronic queuing system at border checkpoints is entering the practical implementation phase. “Following proposals from the regions it has been decided to enable feedback from citizens, including by means of online consultations via the State Border Committee website about border-crossing rules, rules of visiting the near-border zone, and other topical matters of border regulations,” explained the source.

The Chairman of the State Border Committee drew attention to the need to get local population involved in protecting the border. In his words, financial means can be used to reward the active civil stance of Belarusians, their vigilance, and desire to help the border service.

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MINSK, 12 September (BelTA) – Belarusian air defense units have successfully carried out a live-fire session at the Russian firing range Ashuluk, representatives of the Belarusian Defense Ministry told BelTA.

A tactical exercise involving live fire continues for air defense missile troops of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Belarusian army. Units of the 120th air defense missile brigade carried out a live-fire session on 11 September using air defense missile systems Buk. All the targets were destroyed, said the source.

The Belarusian Defense Ministry explained that three training target missiles Pishchal were destroyed. Another training target was destroyed by cadets of the Air Defense Faculty of the Military Academy of Belarus.

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The intergovernmental agreement on the implementation of the military and technical cooperation program between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation through 2020, which is to be ratified at the meeting of the House of Representatives on 24 June, envisages closer ties between the companies of the military industrial complex of the two countries, Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives' Permanent Commission on Education, Culture and Science Marat Zhilinsky told to journalists .

The agreement was signed in December 2013. “The document stipulates integration of the defense establishments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. The document pertains to their closer cooperation,” the MP said. The document envisages research and development in the supply, maintenance and modernization of military products in the interest of the defense ministries of the two states. The agreement is also aimed at personnel training.

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Belarusian army still continues examining the combat readiness of individual units, representatives of the Belarusian Defense Ministry. The personnel of a missile battalion of the 465th missile brigade are practicing the management of missile strikes, said the source. Previously the missile battalion had moved to the firing range Osipovichsky.

According to the Belarusian Defense Ministry’s newspaper Vo Slavu Rodiny, the battalion had been given over 50 personnel recruited from reserve. The mobilized resources reached the brigade more than 1.5 times faster than the standard time. For the duration of the exercise the missile troops will use only training missiles.

During the combat readiness test the personnel of the 38th guards independent mobile brigade performed firing, tactical and physical training exercises. In turn, the personnel of a mechanized brigade of the 120th guards independent mechanized brigade continues preparations for combat missions. Preparations are in progress for examination tests, measures are being taken to ensure the fulfillment of training missions by the battalion, explained the Ministry.

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China Aerospace Corporation Long March plans to take part in the 7th international armaments and materiel expo MILEX 2014 that will take place in Minsk Arena on 9-12 July.

It will be the first time the corporation will participate in the forum. A total of over 150 organizations, enterprises, and institutions from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS states will take part in the expo. Representatives of high-level foreign military delegations are expected to arrive in Minsk as well as weaponry experts and specialists, representatives of scientific circles, developers and designers from over 20 countries. Enterprises of the Belarusian State Defense Industries Committee will represent a large part of the expo: about 215 full-scale or breadboard models of military products or dual-use products. Taking part in the expo will be also organizations and institutions of the Belarusian Defense Ministry, the State Border Committee, and the Russian state corporation Rostech. A separate part of the expo will be dedicated to capabilities of the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. The expo will also feature a united stand of the Belarusian Education Ministry, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, and the State Science and Technology Committee.

Participants of the expo will showcase their high-tech innovative products in the area of space industry instrument-making, robotics (unmanned aerial units, including air and sea-based ones, remotely controlled weapons), navigation and communication systems, fire control systems; optic, optic-electronic systems and sights; wheeled basic chassis for installing armaments and other special automobiles for military uses; information and telecommunication technologies (protected computers, information visualization solutions, integrated weaponry and troops control systems). Services relating to the repair and modernization of aviation equipment, armored vehicles and air defense systems, radio warfare systems will also be represented.

For the first time MILEX 2014 will feature a perimeter defense sector. Belarusian and foreign specialists and developers have already shown their interest in it. Apart from cutting-edge military products and promising products the expo will feature vehicles and weapons of the Great Patriotic War and the post-war period in the open air. The outdated military hardware has been restored and repaired by the Belarusian Defense Ministry and Belarusian defense enterprises. Many of the exhibits will be later used during the military parade in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invaders.

A business program will be an important component of the expo. Close attention will be paid to the 6th international scientific conference on military and technical problems that will feature panel sessions in several areas. Among other things participants of the conference are expected to discuss geoinformation control systems, automated systems to control troops and weapons, radio communication systems, and measures to counteract high-precision weaponry. Radio warfare, radio and radar intelligence collection will also be on the agenda.

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