State-owned Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise "Belspetsvneshtechnika"

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Государственное внешнеторговое
унитарное предприятие


Республика Беларусь, 220103
г. Минск, ул. Калиновского, д. 8

Тел: +375 (17) 269-63-33

Факс: +375 (17) 269-63-43


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The field of activity of State-owned Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise "BELSPETSVNESHTECHNIKA" is scientific, production and foreign trade activity (including rendering of intermediary services) related to military goods and dual purpose products, encryption means (works, services), means of secret information obtaining and other products. SFTUE "BELSPETSVNESHTECHNIKA" is organizationally included into the State Authority for Military Industry of the Republic of Belarus.

SFTUE "BELSPETSVNESHTECHNIKA" provides its activity since 1995. The company has built up a reputation as the reliable partner in sphere of specific goods supply and services rendering, constantly expanding the sphere of its activity

To deepen and broaden the partnerships, we aspire to fully satisfy the needs of the potential customers. In effect SFTUE "BELSPETSVNESHTECHNIKA" offers most acceptable delivery terms and international payment forms, taking into account the characteristics of the goods, the location of the user, climatic conditions of region, financial possibilities of the buyer and peculiarities of the national legislation.

The geography of commercial relations of SFTUE "BELSPETSVNESHTECHNIKA" is rather various nowadays. Long-standing and mutually beneficial partnerships link our enterprise with companies from more than thirty countries all over the world. SFTUE "BELSPETSVNESHTECHNIKA" takes active participations in the arrangement of various military technical cooperation programs between the Republic of Belarus and other countries, facilitates the development of mutual relations.

Basic business activities

  • Marketing of military products, including the ones under operative control of governmental bodies with military formations and organizations.

  • Services in setting up production facilities, upgrade, technical maintenance, repair and utilization of military and dual-purpose products.

  • Services in training foreign experts, consultancy, technical training and involvement of experts

  • Establishment of joint production ventures in manufacture of armament and military equipment in the Customer’s territory with relevant technology transfer, technology and science support.

  • Participation in creation of industrial facilities in production of advanced armament and military equipment including attraction of foreign investments and technologies

  • Arrangement of prospective research and development in creation and upgrade of armament and military equipment

  • Leasing

SFTUE "Belspetsvneshtechnika" considers investment options into mutuially beneficial projects.

We will be pleased to work with you. We are sure that our cooperation experience will bring fruitful and mutually beneficial results.