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Республика Беларусь, 220103
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120 mm self–propelled mortar 2S9 “NОNА–S”

Self-propelled 120 mm mortar 2S9 “Nona-S” is designed to engage sheltered and non-sheltered manpower, enemy weapons and combat equipment at the front line and in the depth of squadron. It is also capable to destroy defense fortifications and tanks.

The self-propelled mortar is capable of direct firing as well as firing with mortar shells and projectiles from sheltered positions. The mortar body is made of welded aluminum armor sheets. Control compartment with driver seat is located in the front central part of the mortar. The mortar commander seat is located to the left of the driver. Combat compartment is located in the middle part. Rotating turret ring is mounted on the top. The combat compartment also contains ammunition racks. Engine-transmission compartment with a power plant is located in the rear part of the mortar. The mortar turret is a welded one. The gunner seat with aiming devices is located to the left from the gun. The loader seat is to the right from the gun.

2S9 self-propelled artillery mount is equipped with 120 mm rifled gun-howitzer-mortar 2A51. Barrel length is 24.2 caliber. Uniform twist rifling of gun barrel has 40 grooves.

The gun has a combined semi-automatic breechblock with plastic propellant gas obturator which performs the function of a rammer at the same time. Ramming is performed using compressed air.

“Nona-S” is equipped with three observation devices TNPO-170A mounted in front of the driver’s manhole. Two observation devices TNPO-170A and a tank periscope TPK-2 are located next to the commander’s manhole.

• HE-fragmentation 3OF49 with impact fuze 3V35;
• HE-fragmentation 3OF49 with a radio fuze AR-5;
• Rocket-assisted projectile 3OF50;
• All types of 120 mm mortar shells.

There are several options on installation of additional hardware and equipment:
• Night-vision devices for driving, outposts;
• Navigation systems;
• Global positioning systems GLONASS, GPS.

Technical specifications

Firing range for HE-fragmentation mine (HE-fragmentation projectile)/HE-fragmentation rocket-assisted mine, km:

- maximum
7.1 (8.8)/12.5
- minimum
0.45 (1.7)
Fire rate, rpm
7 – 8
Minimum/maximum elevation angle, deg
from –4 up to +80
Traverse, deg
70 (+35)
- by range
- by direction, m
Caliber, mm/gun type
Weight of HE-fragmentation mine (HE-fragmentation projectile), kg
16 (17.2)
Ammunition set (incl. carried ammunition), rounds
80 (25/40)
Maximum speed, km/h:
 - on ground
 - afloat
Fuel distance, km
Fuel volume, l
Fording depth, m
Weight, t
Crew, persons