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Simulator of the operator of anti-tank missile system “Konkurs”

The simulator is designed for training and mastering of firing skills of the operator of anti-tank missile system (hereinafter- ATMS) Konkurs (Konkurs-M) (hereinafter - simulator) at various locations, in various weather conditions, at day and night time. The simulator provides performance by the operator of the actions which are similar to the actions on real launcher, required for the detection and selection of targets, target tracking and destruction.

Simulator is a training system, which consists of instructor’s module and module of the trainee. The simulator contains computer and electronic equipment for data gathering and processing, creation of acoustic and video signals.

The simulator imitates actions of ATMS operator during preparation for firing and launch of anti-tank guided missile (hereinafter - ATGM). Display, which is built into operator’s sight, constantly displays simulated surrounding with the target, ATGM route after launch and correspondent sighting scales.

Instructor chooses task, sets parameters, initial data and targets distribution. Instructor can switch observation monitor to the mode of 9Sh119М1 sight field of view.

Operator constantly observes sight picture, detects and identifies targets, guides ATMS against target, tracks targets, fires and adjusts firing using sight control and launching devices.

Simulator includes simulation of acoustic surrounding, operator’s acoustic module provides acoustic simulation of ATGM launch.

Firing results can be printed on the printer which is included into the set of the simulator.

All simulator components have solid and rigid structure, visualization system is protected against dust and wear.

Simulator can be transported by any air and ground transport.

Training tasks
Simulator provides preparation of the operator to solve the following tasks:

• Loading/unloading of the launcher with training missile;
• Preparation of ATMS for firing;
• Detection, recognition and selection of the most important targets;
• Measuring distance to target visually or applying sight scale;
• Target tracking using elevation and traverse guiding drives;
• 9М113(М) ATGM launch.

Variants of simulator hardware placement:
• Operator’s module and instructor’s module are placed stationary indoors;
• Operator’s module and instructor’s module are placed stationary in the air-conditioned hardware container, equipped with autonomous power supply system or in vehicle shelter;
• Operator’s module is placed on the open ground (mounted on the vehicle), instructor’s module is placed in a special air-conditioned hardware container, equipped with autonomous power supply system.

Operating conditions
Climatic conditions:

Ambient temperature, 0C - from +10 up to +25;
Relative humidity at 35, 0C - up to 80%.

The simulator can be used in tropical weather conditions.

Operation time:
The simulator may operate not less than 12-16 hours per day, time of interruptible operation not more than 8 hours.

Power supply
The simulator’s power supply – from single phase of AC circuit:
• voltage, V - 220
• frequency, Hz - 50
• power consumption, not more, кWt - 1.5
Voltage stabilizer - available
UPS unit - available

Readiness time of the simulator to operate, not more, min - 5
Minimal deployment area, м 2 - 20