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Республика Беларусь, 220103
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Line crossing monitoring

Range configuration:
• Traffic lanes;
• Control lines;
• Keeping track of traffic phase;
• Building contours;
• Drop-off area.

Vehicle configuration:
• Projection contour;
• Points of contact with road.

During the exam, it’s crucially important to monitor whether the exercise boundary lines have been touched and crossed.

And this is where the proposed system fundamentally distinguishes itself from the existing counterparts.

The monitoring is performed based on a pre-established electronic scheme of the driver training range, where traffic lanes, boundary lines of exercises and crossroads with traffic lights, out-lines of various buildings and drop-off zones are all marked and defined.

Similarly, a training vehicle is also represented in an electronic form. It’s determined by a projected contour and by contact spots in places where the wheels touch the ground.

The aforementioned data is sufficient enough to perform monitoring.

There’s no need to further equip the venue with any additional devices.

Composition of the system:
• Module of record keeper (MRK) - 1pc.;
• Module of traffic controller (MTC) - 1pc.;
• Automated car track system (ACTS) - 1pc.;
• Module of road controller (МRC) - 1pc.;
• Module of training vehicle (MTV) - 1pc.;
• Installation kit (IK…)*- 1pc.
(* Compliant with particular vehicle model)

Functionality of the system can be enhanced by adding any number of elements from the specified nomenclature.

Technical specifications

Source voltage, V
Input power, not more than, kW
Satellite navigation system
Number of antennas on every vehicle
Accuracy of positioning, m
Maximum number of vehicles, not less than
Wireless connection standard
IEEE 802.11
Wireless network coverage, not less than, m  
Operating temperature range for outdoor sensors