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“GROZA” UHF/VHF radio communication jammer

Radio reconnaissance designation:
• Automatic search, detection, direction finding and determination of coordinates (when operating as coupled pair), technical analysis of emissions of UHF ground and aerial radio communication means operating at fixed frequencies and in frequency-hopping mode (with up to 1000 hops-per-second rate in 30 MHz band);
• Receipt and transmission of information to the control post.

Jamming designation:
Radio suppression of ground, aerial and satellite UHF radio communi¬cation links:
• Up to 20 fixed-frequency links quasi-simultaneously;
• One frequency-hopping link with up to 1 000 hops-per-second rate in 30 MHz band.

Technical specifications

Radio reconnaissance operating frequency band, MHz
30-3000 (6000)
Jamming operating frequency band, MHz
30-3000 (6000)
Mean square error of direction finding within 30-3000 MHz frequency band, not more than
3 °
Threshold sensitivity of radio receiver (at 100 GHz signal band and signal/noise ratio 10 dB), not less than, dBm
Peak sensitivity of DF detector (in 30 MHz simultaneous scanning band), not worse than, dBm
Frequency stability of reference oscillator of DF detector, not worse than 
3 х 10-11
Minimum duration of the detected signal, ms
Simultaneous scanning bandwidth (variable, maximum), not less than, MHz
Simultaneous scanning bandwidth in multi-signal direction finding, not less than, MHz
Frequency scan rate (in 30 MHz simultaneous scanning bandwidth), not less than, GHz/s
Frequency hopping pitch in technical analysis mode, not worse than, Hz
Accuracy of frequency determination in detection and direction finding modes (in 30 MHz simultaneous scanning bandwidth), not worse than, Hz
Quantity of fixed-frequency links jammed simultaneously in any radio transmitter letter
up to 4
Quantity of fixed-frequency links jammed simultaneously in 5 radio transmitter letters
up to 20
Frequency-hopping detection with number of hops, not more than, hops/s
Response time when generating spot jamming at controlled fixed frequencies within the limits of operating letter of the power amplifier, not more than, ms
Response time when jamming the frequency-hopping radio communication links in up to 30 MHz band, not more than, ms
Recording (storage) of jammed frequency values, not more than:

• fixed frequencies
• hopping frequencies
Transmitting antennas gain, not less than, dB:

• in the band from 30 to 290 MHz
• in the band from 290 to 3000 (6000) MHz
Possibility of automated rotation of the transmitting antennas within 290-3000 (6000) MHz frequency band by azimut
Developer and manufacturer –  the JSC “KB Radar” – Managing Company of “Radar Systems” Holding