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Upgrade of ZSU–23–4 “SHILKA” self–propelled air defense gun

ZSU-23-4BM “Shilka” upgraded self-propelled air defense gun is intended to destruct low flying airborne targets – including UAVs – flying at distance of up to 2500 m and altitude of up to 1500 m with the speed of up to 450 m/s.

Upgrage of self-propelled air defense gun involves installation of modern optronic system “Strizh-М2” with the following capabilities:
• Search, lock-on and automatic tracking of a target based on target designation data received from a superior command post;
• Autonomous search, detection and tracking of airborne and ground-based (water-based) targets in passive mode based on target designation data received from AWS of combat vehicle commander;
• Search for a target within a preset sector or in all-round mode;
• Possibility to perform passive evaluation of distance to a tracked target using neural network technologies;
• Visualization of situation and service data.

Technical specifications

Television channel              
Thermal imaging channel
Range of day-and-night detection of targets, km:

• tactical fighter flying at 1000 m altitude, not less than
12 10
• UAV, not less than
4 4
Spectral range, μm
0,4 – 0,9
8 -12
Angular dimensions of wide field of view, deg
Angular dimensions of narrow field of view, deg
Power supply voltage
~220 V, 400 Hz and +24 V
Memory capacity provides
logging of data for 8 hours
Operation temperature range, °C
from -40 to +50