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Сontrol-diagnostic system “VEKTOR”

For diagnostics and repair of special purpose digital, analogue and digital-to-analogue electronic equipment, communication means, control systems and devices, technology of manufacturing of which for some reason was lost.

Used in repair units and units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus for arrangement of automated workstations for functional check and repair of radioelectronics products of arbitrary complexity.

Measuring Technologies Ltd., Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Serial manufacturing.

Purpose of creation:
For automatisation of testing and repair of electronic equipment, reduction of period and cost of work.

Solved tasks:
• Allows to accelerate equipment diagnostics, increase diagnostics accuracy, reduce cost and improve quality of repair;
• Allows to carry out prompt repair and diagnostics in a very short time on deployment sites;
• Allows to quickly master diagnostics and repair of electronic products, repair of which was not carried out before;
• Allows to test and repair products with incomplete documentation, or without documentation.

Advantages over analogs:
Allows to perform diagnostics and repair by staff with average qualification, diagnose faults without power-up, master repair of electronic equipment without documentation.

Faults detection ratio is close to 100% with average time of repair technique development of 3 hrs and average time of fault detection of 30 min.

Technical specifications

Design variant
stationary or mobile
Control-diagnostic system power supply                                  
220V, 50±1Hz
Power consumption, VA                                                                
up to 1000
Type of digital control channels                                                  
Control system operation modes:

• hardware-dynamic


• combined

Logic digital analyser:

• number of test input generation channels                
• programmable reference voltage source, V                    
• type of logic of test input generation drivers for basic product version                                                          
Arbitrary waveform generator:

• sampling frequency, MHz
• maximum number of points for signal waveform recovery
262 144
• maximum signal level for load of 50 Ohm, V                    
• maximum signal level for load of 10 kOhm, V                    
• frequency range                                                                
0 Hz, 0.01 Hz to 50 MHz
• signal waveform                                                
Oscillographic analyser:

• sampling frequency, MHz, at least                                                  
• A/D converter capacity, bit                                                            
• analog path bandwidth, MHz                                                  
• frequency in matched sample mode, GS/s
Fault locator:

• signal levels, V                                                                    
±1; ±2; ±3; ±4; ±8
• probe pulse frequencies                                                        
1.49; 2.98; 5.96; 11.9; 23.8; 47.7; 95.4; 191; 381; 763 Hz;1.53; 3.05; 6.10; 12.2; 24.4; 48.8; 97.7; 195; 391 kHz