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Республика Беларусь, 220103
г. Минск, ул. Калиновского, д. 8

Тел: +375 (17) 269-63-33

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Mobile control post of artillery brigade (regiment) commander, chief of rocket troops and artillery of division, corps, army

Mobile control post is intended for automated combat control, data exchange via communication and data transmission channels, providing radio and wired communication with superior and subordinate command posts, subordinate, attached and interacting units.

During combat operations, personnel can solve the following tasks at automated workstations (AWS):
• Planning of brigade units advancing, deployment and maneuvering;
• Planning of fire and artillery reconnaissance;
• Display of situation data on AWS screens and multiple access screen;
• Receiving, generating and storing data as formatted and not-formatted messages;
• Distribution of targets between the units;
• Automatic analysis of target control data;
• Transfer of preparation and firing commands, as well as obtaining confirmation on received and executed commands;
• Recording of the received and transmitted data on printer.

Composition of mobile control post of artillery brigade commander (composition of the post can be modified upon the Customer’s request):
• Staff vehicle;
• Combat control vehicle;
• Staff trailer (for rest).

Technical specifications

Staff vehicle composition

All-wheel drive vehicle chassis MAZ-631705  
Container-type van body of variable capacity  
Van-body power supply system  
1 set
Van-body life support system  
1 set
Van-body lighting equipment  
1 set
Van-body communication equipment  
1 set
Automation control equipment
1 set
Van-body furniture
1 set
Set of van-body household appliances  
1 set
Single set of SPTA
1 set