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Meteorological unmanned aerial system

Meteorological unmanned aerial system is intended for meteorological support and preparation of initial data for artillery firing.

It has the functions as below:
• Measuring of meteorological parameters (temperature, pressure, wind direction and speed) near ground and up to 3.5 km in the atmosphere when the quadrocopter is used;
• Sending of measured meteorological parameters to data processing unit;
• Processing of measured meteorological parameters with further making of bulletin “Meteorological telegram for medium artillery”;
• Sending of bulletin “Meteorological telegram for medium artillery” to combat crews.

System composition:
• Four-rotor UAV – VR-5 quadrocopter;
• Equipment of ground control post.

Time for preflight preparation of UAV from travelling mode (it is transported in pod) is maximum 10 minutes.

UAS on-board equipment stabilizes the quadrocopter about angular position in space and about altitude, enables it to travel about assigned flight route in automatic or manual mode, enables automatic return to home position even if there is no data link with the ground control post.

Composition of ground control post:
• Ruggedized laptop (to work in field conditions) with special software and unified panel for remote control of the UAV;
• Transceiving equipment including a radio-modem of telemetry channel with antenna systems to be installed on a post;
• Single SPTA set;
• Special portable (carried) pods for storage and transportation of the equipment of ground control post, UAVs and SPTA.

Precision of meteorological conditions measuring:
• Temperature – 0.1 °С;
• Pressure – 0.1 mm Hg;
• Wind speed – 0.2 m/s;
• Wind direction – 0.5°.

Meteorological unmanned aerial system can be operated in the conditions as below:
• Maximum 10 m/s wind speed;
• –20…+ 45°С ambient temperature.