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Государственное внешнеторговое
унитарное предприятие


Республика Беларусь, 220103
г. Минск, ул. Калиновского, д. 8

Тел: +375 (17) 269-63-33

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Full–scale tactical artillery simulator

Full-scale tactical artillery simulator is designed to train military officers in functional duties performance in preparation and in the course of combat actions.

Simulator provides:
• Preparation and conduct of fire delivery and fire control drills;
• Practical drills and delivery of training and demo fire;
• Visualization of 3D environment at all the workstations in any direction, and in all weathers, landscapes, seasons and day-and nighttime;
• Accomplishment of fire missions by gun crew, platoon, battery, battalion;
• Simulation of fire delivery from various artillery systems using different ammunition types (high-explosive fragmentation shells with impact fuse, shells with proximity fuses (tubes), illumination, smoke and target marker shells);
• Automated assessment of fire mission accomplishment;
• Deployment of equipment in stationary and field classrooms, or mobile containers.

Simulator composition:
• Chief instructor’s automated workstation;
• Trainee automated workstations (battalion (battery) commander, battalion chief of staff (battery senior officer), fire platoon (operations platoon) commander, forward observer, etc.);
• Binocular simulator (quantity to be determined by a Customer);
• Range finder simulator (quantity to be determined by a Customer);
• Virtual battlefield display means.

Simulator features:
• Selection of any terrain type, creation of real combat actions conditions (season, day-and nighttime, weather, landscape, vegetation, etc.);
• Creation of a 3D terrain model using digital maps;
• Changing of combat situation conditions (during marching (movement), combat actions in defense, attacking, encounter battle, in urban conditions, etc.);
• Selection and implementation of maneuvering measures in positions of command-and-observation (forward and flank observation) posts, and in the areas of firing positions (main, alternate and temporary);
• Training scenario advance creation (by combat actions type), and the possibility of making changes during its implementation;
• Combat actions dynamics visualization;
• Visualization of the dynamics of target destruction by various artillery ammunition types when performing a fire mission, including when registering on a target and adjusting fire during firing for effect;
• Visualization and assessment of practical measures implementation for the preparation of fire and fire control (reconnaissance and target coordinates determining, surveying, meteorological, ballistic and technical preparation).