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Automated artillery muzzle velocity radar (ААBS–02)

Automated artillery muzzle velocity radar (ААBS-02) – is a special small-size device allowing for accurate measurements of muzzle velocity of artillery projectiles (shells) of 57 mm caliber and more. ААBS-02 can be mounted both on tripod or gun barrel.

ААBS-02 allows to fulfill the following tasks:
• Determination of the muzzle velocity of projectiles (shells), (Vo);
• Calculation of the total deviation of the muzzle velocity of projectiles (shells) from the chart value, ( Vo total);
• Evaluation of changes of projectile ballistic parameters (initial velocity, ballistic coefficient) when firing;
• Calculation of sight adjustment on the change of firing ballistic conditions, ( А).

Taking into account the change of ballistic conditions when firing artillery guns (mortars) will allow to enhance firing accuracy and reduce the time required for fire adjustment and target destruction.

The data determined by AABS-02 are automatically transmitted to the battery (battalion) fire control post when preparing the initial data for firing and their transfer to artillery guns.

Technical specifications

Emitted power, not less than, MW
Range of measurement of projectile (shell) muzzle velocity, m/s
70 – 2500
Muzzle velocity measurement accuracy
0.1 % от Vo
Power voltage, V:
- in-built battery
- external network
- main unit
- control panel
Weight of main unit with batteries, kg