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152 mm self–propelled howitzer 2S19 “МSТА–S”

152 mm self-propelled howitzer 2S19 “MSTA-S” is designed to destroy tactical nuclear weapons, artillery and mortar batteries, tanks and other armored vehicles, anti-tank weapons, manpower, air defense and missile defense systems, control posts, as well as to destruct field fortifications and hinder maneuvers of enemy reserves in the depth of enemy position.

2S19 gun can fire at observable and unobservable targets from sheltered positions and directly in plain and mountainous areas. When firing, ammunition can be supplied both from the ammunition depot and from the ground without reducing fire rate.

High-explosive fragmentation, rocket-assisted, cluster, radar active jamming projectiles as well as smoke projectiles designating targets and special ammunition are used for 2S19 gun. All types of standard ammunition used for 152 mm D-20 and 2S3 guns as well as “Krasnopol” guided shells are used for 2S19 gun.

2S19 “MSTA–S” howitzer is equipped with:
• Panoramic sight (1P22) and direct aiming sight (1P23);
• Automated guidance system as well as system for gun repositioning immediately after a round is fired;
• Recharging system allowing to fire at any angles of guidance by azimuth and elevation;
• Semi-automatic charging system which ensures fire rate of 6-8 rounds per minute;
• System of automatic extraction of empty cartridge cases through the hatch, which allows to avoid gas in combat compartment;
• Rotating commander turret with installed observation device “TKN-3V” with searchlight OU-3GKUM;
• Radio station and intercom equipment;
• Three-stage automatic fire fighting system with control equipment;
• Self-entrenching system;
• Two filter ventilation units;
• Thermal smoke equipment, “Tucha” system for firing with 81 mm smoke grenades;
• Two tank degassing devices;
• Set of equipment for underwater driving, allowing self-propelled gun to overcome water barriers up to five meters deep.

Ammunition racks allow you to place all the standard types of projectiles. Search for the needed one as well as control over the entire charging are carried out by charging mechanism control system. The selected projectiles and charges are delivered to the gun by two separate conveying lines.

12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine-gun NSVT-12.7 “Utes” mounted on the commander’s turret as part of an anti-aircraft mount having remote control and PZU-7 sight. Ammunition set for the machine-gun is 300 rounds.

Technical specifications

Caliber, mm
Length in combat position, mm
Width in combat position, mm
Height in combat position, mm
Weight in combat position, kg
Barrel length, caliber
Angle of fire by azimuth, deg
Angle of guidance by elevation, deg  
Fire rate, rpm:
- from ammunition depot
7 – 8
- from the ground
6 – 7
Speed of travelling by road, km/h
Fording, m
up to 5
Maximum firing range, m:
- high-explosive fragmentation (HEF) 3ОF45
- rocket-assisted projectiles (RAP) 3ОF61
 - cluster projectiles 3023 type
- active jamming projectiles
- guided  projectiles (GP)
Crew, persons
Fuel distance by road, km
Carried ammunition set, pcs