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Государственное внешнеторговое
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Республика Беларусь, 220103
г. Минск, ул. Калиновского, д. 8

Тел: +375 (17) 269-63-33

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Понедельник - пятница



Replacement (repair) of sights & observation devices for T–72 (T–55, T–62) tanks

Purpose - ensuring 24-hour passive detection of targets, aimed firing at 4000 m distance. The works include replacement of TPN-3 (TPN-1) obsolete gunner’s night sight, TKN-3 combined observation device, TVNE-4B night observation device, TVN-2 night vision device with the modern devices: “Serval-1-49-23”, “ТКN-N”, “Puma Driver-4B”.

1. “TKN–N” commander’s day/night observation device

TKN–N is installed into the commander’s turret groove on standard site of TKN–3 device without any design modifications. TKN–N is a passive device with the following observation channels:
• Day optical channel with 4х magnification;
• Day optical channel with 8х magnification;
• IIT-based night channel with 4х magnification;
• Thermal imaging channel with 4х magnification.

2. Sight–rangefinder “TPD–K1” (1A40) for Т–72А tank

Subject to refurbishment.

3. “PUMA DRIVER–4B” combined day/night driver’s device

“Puma Driver–4B” is intended for 24-hour terrain observation when driving a combat vehicle. It replaces the standard TVNE–4B night observation device and TVN-2 night vision device.

4. “SERVAL –1–49–23” thermal imaging tank sight

It is designed to replace night sight ТPN–3 (ТPN–1). The sight ensures 24-hour passive target detection at ranges of up to 6500 m. The sight is mounted on a standard site of ТPN–3 (TPN–1) night sight without any design modifications of the tank turret.