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Training of foreign Customer’s flight personnel on full–scale fixed wing and rotary wing flight simulators in the territory of the Republic of Belarus

The intensive use of simulators during training (retraining) of flight personnel significantly reduces the time required for personnel to acquire persistent skills in piloting and combat application of the aircraft used for training.

According to the estimations of foreign military experts, around 80% of flight tasks can be successfully practiced using flight simulators. Besides a significant reduction of time required to train flight personnel, the use of flight simulators considerably decreases the costs incurred.

One more significant reason to integrate flight simulators into training process of flight personnel is the opportunity to solve several tasks due to its special software:
•To create an exercise to be trained in-flight;
•To change flight conditions instantly (weather, geographic location, position of stars etc.);
•To stop flight task in order to brief it and than resume it;
•To archive flight data regarding trainee’s actions in flight etc.;
•To practice actions without limitations in emergency situations including dangerous ones that are forbidden to be practiced in real flight.

The world experience regarding the use of flight simulators proved high effectiveness and quality of preflight training for trainees. 3 hours of flight simulator training are equal to 1 hour of real flight.

We suggest the training of foreign Customer’s flight personnel to be arranged using full-scale flight simulators available in the Republic of Belarus:
• Fixed wing aircraft Da-40/42, L-39, Su-25, Su-27, MiG-29, IL-76;
• Rotary wing aircraft Mi-8/17, Mi-24.