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Automated test and control stations

Automated test and control stations are intended for integrated check of on-board equipment of fully assembled and prepared for use anti-aircraft guided missiles of 5V27, 9M33, 3M9, 9M38 type as well as R-27 aircraft missiles and their modifications.

Additionally, AKIS provides an autonomous check of on-board equipment of the specified types of missiles.

AKIS consists of:
• Control and analysis subsystem;
• Subsystem of converters;
• Subsystem of measurement;
• Subsystem of command generation;
• Power supply subsystem;
• Software for AKIS control;
• Set of tools and accessories;
• Set of adapters and LF connecting cables as well as microwave cables for connecting to missiles;
• Set of protective devices for missiles;
• Device for checking units and assemblies;
• Set of operational and technical documentation;
• SPTA set;
• High-pressure compressor up to 150 kgf/cm2;
• Battery of cylinders;
• Device for air condition preparation and control;
• Pneumatic distribution kit with hoses for checking turbo- generator, autopilot and seeker blowing.

AKIS configuration:
AKIS configuration is based on modular principle.
It is possible to manufacture AKIS in three configurations:
• Stationary (equipment is delivered to the territory of the Customer’s country, the equipment is mounted at the site of missiles control and testing. Operation on the move is not provided);
• Adapted for transportation where all subsystems and equipment are arranged in several separate protected cases (modules). Cases (modules) are integrated into a single system with a set of connecting cables. In this case, AKIS transportation is arranged by any (similar in dimensions) means of transport;
• On mobile chassis.

AKIS functions:
• Setting of initial checking modes;
• Measuring parameters of electrical equipment.

Control of on-board missile equipment, including:
• Control of seeker parameters;
• Control of autopilot parameters;
• Control of radio fuze parameters;
• Control of joint parameters;
• Functional check of turbo-generator.