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“OPM–8/1” single–position mobile direction finder

The system is intended for the automated detection of HF emitters (including Frequency Hopping) and transfer of information about them to the user.

Technical specifications

Operating range of frequencies, MHz
1.5 – 30
Simultaneous analysis of HF band load (28.5 MHz) with the speed, not less than, MHz/s
Sector of direction finding
Sensitivity of AFS №1, not worse, μV/m
Sensitivity of AFS №2, not worse, μV/m
Instrumental accuracy of direction finding using AFS №1:

• within the range of 1.5 - 5 MHz
• within the range of 5 - 15 MHz
• within the range of 15 - 30 MHz
Instrumental accuracy of direction finding within the range 1.5 - 30 MHz using AFS No.2
4 – 6°
Accuracy of one-position estimation of IRI coordinates at single-hop track (up to 1500 km) and quiet ionosphere (AFS №1))
not worse than 20 % from range
Possibility of detection (direction finding) of signals with frequency hopping

Radio interception and recording of radio signals

Technical analysis of the received radio signals, including:

• search, detection and recording of radio signals in the systems with automatic link establishment ALE (2G standard)

• demodulation of radio signals generated according to standard MIL-STD-188-110B

• demodulation of radio signals with frequency manipulation and speed of manipulation up to 300 Bd

• measurement of basic parameters of radio signals (frequency band, signal/noise, speed of manipulation, central frequency)

Power supply system provides:

• possibility of connection and work of radio-electronic equipment of direction finder from an external network of power supply voltage 220 V 50 Hz by means of the network extension piece on the distance of about 50 m from the connection point

• continuous work of direction finder (minimum 24 hours) using independent power supply (220 V 50 Hz) and external network


OPM-8/1 direction finder is based on two specialized cross country vehicles KamAZ. Hardware compartments are equipped with life-support subsystems (air-condition, power supply, filter-unit with pressurization), safe vault for papers, rack for weapon storage