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“RMJS–VB” mobile system of radio monitoring and cellular communication blocking

The mobile radio monitoring system for detection, direction finding and blocking GSM, UMTS, 3G signals based on AWD chassis (hereinafter – the mobile system) is designed for monitoring, detection and tracking of subscriber terminals of mobile radio communication of GSM 900/1800 standard.

Technical specifications

Operation frequency range, MHz
880-960, 1710-1880
Operation of basic station imitator simultaneously in three networks of different operators with possibility to arrange one communication channel (voice, SMS) in various given networks

Number of emission frequencies in each network
Speed of detection of mobile stations
up to 1000 per minute
Provides scanning of basic stations, automatic selection of emitter channel

Provides detection and identification of basic parameters of subscriber terminal
Provides detection of signal level from mobile stations

Provides approximate detection of distance to mobile stations

Provides control by direction finder of emission sources of mobile radio communication

Provides keeping data base with the results of mobile stations detection, information about communication sessions (service, voice, text) with possibility of comfortable secondary data processing – selection, sorting, analytical processing by given criteria

Provides position finding (communication ban) of subscriber or a group of subscribers within GSM – 900, GSM-1800 networks

Provides identification of subscriber by IMSI, IMEI separately or jointly. Technology of registration of the parameters is described in the set of documentation for monitoring system (catcher)

Provides the possibility to capture IMSI, IMEI subscribers located in the operating area of the system

Provides operating modes by the given subscriber (Target) and general capture of all subscribers (Random)

Provides invisible operation of the system both for subscriber and mobile operator

Provides active manipulation with subscriber mobile phone. Technology of such a manipulation is described in the set of documentation for monitoring system (catcher)

Provides operation without assistance or data from service provider

The system is built according to the modular principle, which ensures simultaneous interception of all subscribers minimum by two operators of the given area of operation with the possibility to add additional modules in order to operate simultaneously with three and more operators

Provides selective blocking of communication of specific subscriber or a group of subscribers

Mobile stations monitoring system has all required antennas (directional and non-directional antennas) mounted under plastic cover in the front part of vehicle. The antennas are connected to mobile stations monitoring system with respective cables

Adjustable emission power of active monitoring devices:

• minimum 15 W for band 900 MHz
• minimum 10 W
for band 1800 MHz
• minimum 5 W
for band 3G
The system is capable to perform examination of mobile networks within the area of its operation in order to get the parameters required for its setting