State-owned Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise "Belspetsvneshtechnika"

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Государственное внешнеторговое
унитарное предприятие


Республика Беларусь, 220103
г. Минск, ул. Калиновского, д. 8

Тел: +375 (17) 269-63-33

Факс: +375 (17) 269-63-43


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Company news

Upgraded self-propelled anti-aircraft gun ZSU-23-4BМ SHILKA

Upgraded self-propelled anti-aircraft gun ZSU-23-4BМ SHILKA

ZSU-23-4BМ SHILKA upgraded self-propelled anti-aircraft gun is designed for killing low-flying targets (distance: up to 2500 m, altitude: up to 1500 m, flying speed: up to 300 m/s). It is an effective counter-UAV weapon, which has 3 firing modes: stationary, during short stop and on the move.

ZSU-23-4BМ SHILKA upgrade features:

1. Replacement of 1RL-33 active S-band radar with STRIZH-M2 passive optronic system, enabling 24-hour passive detection, tracking and identification of airborne targets, calculation of impact point and output of commands to AZP-23 guidance drive.

2. System for automation of combat tasks, consisting of automated workstations for the commander, gunner and range operator, working in a unified network.

3. Navigation & positioning equipment for automatic finding of SHILKA coordinates, tilt angles, lateral & longitudinal swinging, as well as AZP-23 azimuth.

4. Air conditioner in the turret.

5. Upgrade of SHILKA power supply system for operation using DC network only.

6. PUMA DRIVER-SOFIA optronic system for observation of the surroundings by the driver.

7. SHILKA emergency operation mode (up to 15 min.) using GM-575 batteries, including operation of the drives and the gun.

8. Modification of 2E2 drive for operation using DC network only.

9. Mobile power supply unit for connection to industrial mains.

10. Reduction of SHILKA weight from 21 to 19 tons.

Functions of STRIZH-M2 optronic system:

- search, lock-on and automatic tracking of a target by angular coordinates;

- search, lock-on and automatic tracking of a target based on a designation received from the superior CP;

- target search based on a designation received from the commander’s AWS;

- passive search & detection of airborne, ground and above-water targets;

- target search within a selected sector;

- 360° target search with constant speed at a selected elevation angle;

- passive estimation of a distance to a tracked target;

- display of the environment and service data.

Technical specifications of STRIZH-M2 optronic system


TV channel

TI channel

24-hour detection range for a tactical fighter (altitude 1000 m)

at least 12 km

at least 10 km

Spectral range, mm

0.4 – 0.9

8 - 12

Wide FOV



Narrow FOV



Power voltage

˜220V, 400 Hz and +24V

Memory storage

8 hours of recording

Operating temperatures, °С

-40 … +50