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“TRIO” short range air defense missile system

“Trio” short range ADMS is intended to ensure air defense of military objects, industrial facilities, military bases, Land Forces formations as well as destructing small-size airborne targets including UAVs.

ADMS composition:
• Mobile command post with reconnaissance means;
• Combat vehicle with equipment that ensures target reconnaissance, as well as preparation, guidance and launch of missiles (up to 4 pcs.);
• R-60BM air defense guided missile in a launch pod (up to 4 pcs. on a combat vehicle).

Mobile command post is designed to:
• Provide automated control of up to 4 combat vehicles located at 10 km distance from the post;
• Perform optical and acoustic reconnaissance of small-size targets;
• Receive secondary radar and optronic data from subordinated combat vehicles, as well as from superior, support and associated command posts;
• Ensure automated solution of target distribution task and provide target designation data to subordinated combat vehicles.

Combat vehicle is an autonomous all-weather firing unit capable to perform optical reconnaissance of airborne targets, their tracking and firing missiles.

Deployment and folding time of the combat vehicle is not more than 5 minutes.

The system uses upgraded R-60BM airborne guided missile adapted to be launched from the pod as air defense guided missile.

Three configuration options of the seeker are available for the missile: IR, TI and laser seeker.

Technical specifications

Target detection range, km:

• By passive optical radar:

• 2.3х2.3 m target
up to 20
• 0.3х03 m target
up to 2
• By “Strizh-M3” optronic system
up to 15
Target detection range by acoustic station, km
up to 3
Target engagement range by ADMS combat vehicle, km
up to 8
Height of engaged target, km
up to 5