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Automatic control system of UAV

The automatic control system of unmanned aerial vehicle (code “SAU-9.0 MINI”) is designed for automatic, automated and manual controls:
• UAV heavier than air with electrical power plant, takeoff by hand and parachute landing;
• UAV heavier than air with ICE, running takeoff and landing;
• UAV lighter than air (airship), equipped with cruise and (or) lifting electric motor.

“SAU-9.0 MINI” contents:
“SAU-9.0 MINI” is a complex autonomous soft hardware system consisting of:

• Equipment installed in aerial vehicle (monoblock, satellite navigation system, airborne central processor, device data reception and transmission; airborne antenna, pitot tube (PT), PT data processing unit);
• And ground control unit (computer, ground data reception and transmission unit, antenna, extended control panel, custom software).

Technical characteristics:
• Sensor types: accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, pitot-static tubes, temperature sensor;
• Type of navigation receiver: GPS/GLONASS. Frequency of data refreshing no less than 5 Hz;
• Height range: form 0 to 5000 m;
• Speed range: from 0 to 300 km/h;
• Range of UAV orientation angle measurement: heading from 0 to 360°, roll ±180°, pitch ±90°;
• Range of measurement of UAV angular speed: ± 200°/s;
• Range of measurement of UAV linear acceleration: ± 6 м/с 2;
• Accuracy of UAV orientation angle: no more than 0.3°;
• UAV co-ordinate error in the SRNS correction mode: no more than 10 m;
• Accuracy of flight height stabilization: no more than 3-5 m;
• Quantity of flight mission points: 100;
• Power supply voltage: from 9 to 30 V.