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Family of unmanned aircraft systems “BUSEL”, “BUSEL М” and “BUSEL М50” for terrain monitoring

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are used for onboard terrain and objects videomonitoring, moving objects tracking and also provided with data on-line transmission station which allows transmitting live video feed from UAV on the ground control station (GCS) and to other remote users.

Depending on payload unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), belonging to a “mini” class with 20 to 70 km flight range, can perform photo, video (TV), infrared (IR), or multispectral recording, using optics mounted on gyro-stabilized platform, in daylight and nightlight hours. A wide range of payload capabilities and high aerodynamic qualities of UAV enable use of “Busel”, “Busel M” and “Busel M50” UASs for emergency situations detection, oil-and-gas pipelines condition monitoring, anti-poaching, animal census, traffic stream monitoring (with air-to-ground tracking), state frontier control, power lines and agricultural lands condition monitoring, etc.

System contents:
• UAV (up to 5);
• Mobile or portable GCS;
• Module of transmitting-receiving equipment (up to 2 sets);
• Standard set of payload mounted on gyro-stabilized platform (IR-, TV, photo-cameras and multispectral camera);
• SPTA kit;
• Service documentation.

Technical specifications

“Busel М”   
“Busel М50”
Power plant
                                                2 electric motors                                                    
Maximum take-off weight, kg
up to 6         
up to 10         
up to 14       
Full span, mm
Flight duration, min
up to 60         
up to 120           
up to 150
Flight speed range, km/h
Flight ceiling, m
up to 1500        
up to 4000         
up to 5000
Max effective radius, km
gyro-stabilized platforms with embedded TV-, IR- photo-cameras, multispectral camera
Pilot & navigation system
GPS and autopilot                  

GPS, GLONASS and autopilot
by hand/by parachute