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Unmanned aircraft system “GRIF-150”

UAS “GRIF-150” is designed for aerial optronic and radiation reconnaissance of the terrain, electronic counteraction to enemy’s radar means, for detection of emergency situations and evaluation of their consequences.

  • UAS “GRIF-150” includes:

  • • Unmanned aerial vehicles (2-4 pieces);

  • • Changeable payload including:

  • • gyro-stabilized optronic system (GOES) designed to perform imagery reconnaissance in visible and IR spectra;

  • • airborne radiation monitoring equipment (BARK) designed for operational aerial radiation reconnaissance of the terrain;

  • • jamming equipment APR and APR-3 designed for jamming receivers of GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation systems, as well as INMARSAT, THURAYA, IRIDIUM satellite communication systems;

  • • ground-based control post (GBCP) designed for automation of tasks solved by the UAV conducting the mission;

  • • Ground support means:

  • • maintenance vehicle (MV) designed to prepare UAV for use, carry out technical maintenance and repair the system;

  • • transportation vehicle designed for transportation and non-assisted unloading of UAV containers, for searching and carrying back the emergency-landed UAV.

  • Solved tasks:

  • • While performing aerial reconnaissance:

  • • monitoring terrain (water) surface within the assigned area, obtaining television and thermal images of the surface in real-time;

  • • automated search and detection of ground-based (water-based) objects and definition of coordinates of the selected objects;

  • • automatic tracking of the ground-based (water-based) objects selected by operator, definition of their speed and heading;

  • • feeding reconnaissance data in real-time;

  • • While performing radiation reconnaissance:

  • • detection of gamma-ray sources;

  • • While performing radio-electronic counteraction:

  • • radio-electronic suppression of communication and radar means by jamming.

  • Peculiarities/advantages:

  • • Mobility and stand-alone self-sufficiency;

  • • Capability to be integrated into current or perspective automated control systems for troops and weapons;

  • • 100% automation of UAV operation starting with preflight control up to UAV landing;

  • • Capability to control one or two UAVs simultaneously in the air;

  • • Continuous monitoring of the preset area by replacing the UAV promptly;

  • • Equipping with modern payloads hardware, communication and data transmission means, ensuring rapid execution of assigned tasks;

  • • Capability to conduct UAV flight and to operate its onboard equipment beyond direct radio range visibility in automatic mode strictly under the preset program;

  • • Capability to carry out assigned tasks in visual and instrument weather conditions, in autonomous mode (if airfield network is not available);

  • • Particularly robust airframes desing of airframes ensuring their multiple application;

  • • Low operating cost;

  • • Skilled staff is not required to operate the system.

  • Production of systems meets International Standards and com¬plies with the ecological and safety requirements.

  • Guarantee service life of supplied system – 12 months.

  • Supplier’s quality management system has been certified to meet the requirements of СТБ ISO 9001-2009.

Technical specifications

Quantity of simultaneously controlled UAVs, pcs
up to 2
UAV’s takeoff, flight and landing
in automatic and automated modes
Range of flight, km
up to 150
Height of flight, m
up to 3000
Duration of UAV flight, hours
up to 5
Type of navigation system
inertial with correction from satellite radio navigation systems
Type of payload
gyro-stabilized optronic system; radiation control air-borne equipment; jamming equipment
Accuracy of coordinates definition, not more than, m
Type of receiver and transmitter equipment
Data transfer rate from UAV to GBCP, Mbit/sec
Data transfer rate from GBCP to UAV, Mbit/sec
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