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Unmanned aircraft system for ecological terrain monitoring based on airship (EM UAS)

EM UAS is used for detailed monitoring of terrain and objects in fully stocked wood through tops of trees, moving objects tracking and also provided with data on-line transmission station which allows transmitting live video feed from EM UAS on the GCS and to other remote users.

EM UAS with flight range up to 50 km provides detailed monitoring with speed up to 40 km/h in daylight and nightlight hours. The airship is equipped with payload mounted on gyro-stabilized platform (IR-, TV-and photo cameras). Depending on payload UAS can be used: for emergency situations detection; oil-and-gas pipelines condition monitoring; land cadaster and mapping solution; state frontier control including fully stocked wood; agricultural lands monitoring; power lines and atmosphere condition monitoring; video films and natural landscapes recording; media placement on the airship’s sides.

System contents:
• UAV based on airship;
• GCS;
• SPTA kit;
• Backup facilities;
• Module of transmitting-receiving equipment;
• Standard set of payload mounted on gyro-stabilized platform (TV-, IR-, photo-cameras, multispectral cameras or combined TV- and IR-modules).

Technical specifications

       Type 1                          
 Type 2
Power unit, pcs
  2-4 electric motors                      
Take-off mass without gas, (on take-off with helium has a “null” floatability), kg
Envelope length*, m
Envelope diameter*, m
Speed, km/h
Altitude, m
                   up to 500              
             up to 500              
Flight range (radio line of sight and normal weather), km
                     up to 50                      
                   up to 50                      
Endurance (at zero wind and air speed up to 3.7 m/s), h
                      up to 4                  
up to 6
Payload capability, kg
                     up to 1.5            

*EM UAS has possibility of large length and diameter implementation