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Aviation training center “DIAMOND”

“Diamond Aviation Training Center” is an aviation center for pilots’ training. Full name: Joint Company Limited “Diamond Aviation Training Center”. Registered on December 22, 2011 by Minsk Regional Executive Committee, registration number 690655914.

Main activities of the Center
The Center has the following main activities:
• Initial flight preparation of civil pilots;
• Theoretical and flight preparation of private pilots (PPL H/A), commercial pilots (CPL H/A) on aircraft Diamond DA40, Viper SD4;
• Issue of Instrument Rating for pilots (IR);
• Issue of Multi Engine Rating for pilots (MER);
• Training of flight instructors (FI);
• Initial flight preparation of pilots for law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Belarus;
• Theoretical training and practical probation of technicians for line and base maintenance of aircraft Diamond DA40, Viper SD4 specialty “airframe and engine”;
• Theoretical training and practical probation of technicians for line and base maintenance of aircraft Diamond DA40, Viper SD4 specialty “avionics and radio electronic equipment”;
• Service maintenance of aircraft Diamond DA40, Viper SD4;
• Execution of aviation works in interests of Ministries and Agencies (aerial survey, monitoring and patrolling);
• Execution of aviation works in interests of private persons (survey flights);
• Center activity (community of persons interested in aviation).

Aircraft of Diamond type (manufactured in Austria) are used for people training. A lot of flight schools use DA40, Viper SD4 for their flight programs be cause of its perfect flight characteristics: powerful engine, possibility to control the aircraft at low speed, perfect visibility and modernized cockpit. Multifunctional display provides easy access to information about all aircraft systems.

Thanks to DA40, Viper SD4 students graduated the school gain experience necessary for transfer to jets and airliners. Thrust control lever is similar to the models used in jets. Modernized cockpit Garmin G1000, possibility to carry out approach landing and other procedures in conditions equal to conditions of modern aircraft – all this provides students with the possibility of easy transfer to the next training stage.

DA40, Viper SD4 provide high level of safety by means of perfect maneuverability at low speeds, short take off and landing distances, perfect visibility and high-tech avionics. The aircraft are equipped with all possible safety features including failure-free carboxylic body, aluminum fuel tank with fire protection, belts and emergency radio beacon having operation frequency of 406 МHz. Reliable anti-icing system ТКS helps aircraft to fly in icing conditions.

Simulator Flight training is a dengerous work because the crew is formed of non-trained persons. To acquire aircraft control skills safely the aviation center is equipped with the simulator Diamond. Its software allows to imitate almost all types of difficulties and failures in flight as well as on ground. The availability of this simulator is the keystone of professional training of pilots at the highest level.

Technical specifications

DA40 tactical and technical data:

Length, m
Height, m
Wing span, m
Маx weight, кg
Маx аltitude, m
Маx speed, km/h
Fuel tank volume (norm/consumption), l
Fuel consumption, l/h
Engine life, h

Viper SD4 tactical and technical data:

Length, m
Height, m
Wing span, m
Maximum takeoff weight, кg
Weight of unloaded aerial vehicle, кg
Maximum landing weight, кg
Maximum manoeuvring speed, km/h
Cruising speed, km/h
Service ceiling, m
Distance of takeoff run, m
Distance of landing run, m
Total amount of fuel, l
Usable fuel, l
Maximum flight range, km
Crew, man
1 (2)
Rotax 912 S2