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1V12-1BM upgraded artillery fire control system

Is designed to conduct reconnaissance and to control fire of self-propelled artillery division, to perform continuous and close interaction with combat arms subunits, service sub-units of air, radar, sonar, optical reconnaissance and meteorological sub-units. Commander’s control vehicles (CCV) of 1V12-1BМ system is mounted MTLB-U chassis.

System’s composition:
• 1V15 - 1BM division’s commander CCV - 1 pc.;
• 1V16 - 1BM division’s chief of staff CCV - 1 pc.;
• 1V14 - 1BM battery’s commander CCV - 3 pcs.;
• 1V13 - 1BM battery’s senior officer CCV - 3 pcs.

Main aim of the upgrade is:
• to replace obsolete hardware of commander’s control vehicle by modern one having high-performance tactical and technical characteristics;
• to install hardware-software system allowing controlling artillery division in automated mode for all the artillery and MLRS systems.

Advantages of the upgraded 1V12-1BМ system:
• Improvement of tactic-technical specifications of commander’s control vehicles;
• Enhancement of combat application variants at fire tasks and fire control tasks performance;
• Reduction of time required to prepare for firing and to control fire by 2-3 times;
• Improvement of accuracy of preparation of firing data and, as a result, decrease of consumption of ammunition, required for adjustment fire and engagement of targets;
• Possibility of automated transfer in digital mode of firing preparation and fire control data, initial data for firing to battery site, as well as possibility of automated data exchange with various control posts, with combat support sub-units;
• Possibility to conduct enemy’s reconnaissance in conditions of poor visibility within 24 hours, automated detection of object’s (target’s) coordinates;
• Considerable increase of reliability, reduction of expenses for technical maintenance and repair.

Technical specifications

System 1V12-1
Upgraded system 1V12-1BM
Deployment to combat position, min
up to 3
Transfer to travel position, min
up to 6
Observed range in limited visibility conditions (night), m
Positioning accuracy using hardware, m
0.1% of covered distance
Possibility and range of target illumination by range-finder, m
Range of measured distances, m
Availability of portable range-finder
Stereoscopic DS-1
ТTelevision-thermal vision "Kaponir"
Type of radio means
Meteorological means
DMK (1piece)
Automatic weather station (4 pieces)
Means of initial data preparation for firing
Analogue computer 9V59 (1 piece)
Computer (PC) for each commander’s control vehicle
Documenting means
Telegraph device STА-67М
Printer MP-2200
Availability of air condition system
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