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BM-21А «BELGRAD» combat vehicle

BM-21А «BelGRAD» is designed for the following: For suppression and annihilation of manpower, combat vehicles, armament and command posts located in the area of their high concentration or within defensive posts; for suppression and annihilation of artillery, rocket and mine-launching batteries; for destruction of entrenchments, defensive posts and strongholds.
The combat vehicle is a self-propelled MLRS consisting of artillery part and vehicle chassis. Among peculiarities of the artillery part of the combat vehicle is simplicity of its construction, reliable operation, high survivability, combat efficiency and low maintenance expenses.
A specially designed 6x6 vehicle chassis MAZ-631705 is used as a basis for the artillery part of the BM-21 MLRS. It significantly heightens combat capabilities of the system when used in swampy, sandy, hilly and mountainous terrain.
The combat vehicle is equipped with a set of 9F37 (9F37М) racks intended to store 40 (60) missiles for the BM-21 which reduces the number of transloaders required, heightens maneuvering ability and reduces combat readiness time.
The set of launching guides installed at the combat vehicle can turn to the angle of 1800 which enables loading the launching guides directly from the missile storage rack of the combat vehicle.
The combat vehicle is equipped with hydraulic jacks which enables leveling and stabilization of the artillery part when in combat position. It prevents swinging of the combat vehicle when firing salvos, significantly reduces dispersion of missiles and heightens accuracy and density of fire.
Technical and ballistic conditions of combat application of the MLRS BM-21A are identical to that of the MLRS BM-21. MLRS BM-21A is applying the same type of 122 mm missiles used for MLRS BM-21.

Technical specifications

Caliber, mm
Qty of launching guides
Range of fire, m
20 450
Full salvo time, sec
Maximum elevation angle, deg
Minimum elevation angle, deg
Horizontal firing angles, deg:

• RH from the vehicle’s chassis 70
• LH from the vehicle’s chassis
Cabin bypass angle, deg
Minimum angle of launching guides rack within the cabin area, deg
Length when in travelling mode, mm
Width when in travelling mode, mm
Height when in travelling mode, mm
Height at the maximum elevation angle, mm
Vehicle-carried set of ammunition, pcs
80 (100)
Combat vehicle reloading time, min
Weight of combat vehicle without ammunition and crew, kg
Weight of combat vehicle with ammunition, kg:

• with 40 missiles in launching guide rack
• with 40 missiles in launching guide rack and 40 missiles in storage racks
• with 40 missiles in launching guide rack and 60 missiles in storage racks
Maximum travelling speed of the combat vehicle with ammunition, km/hr
up to 75
Fuel distance, km   1000
Maximum depth of passed shallow water, mm
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