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Республика Беларусь, 220103
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Command and control vehicle (CCV) 1V111 is the main component of artillery subunits’ control system 1V17, which applies 1V510М item as computing device – old-fashioned with large weight-dimension specification and power supply, which is provided by the means of towing power supply station ЭБ16Т/230П-Ч/400-М1 with capacity 16 kWt, operation frequency 400 Hz.

CCV upgrade goal:

• replacement of computing device 1V510М and its systems, consuming up to 5 kWt of power with computing device with special software to solve tasks for the preparation of shooting and artillery fire control, fire destruction of the enemy for the operation with:

• artillery systems 122 mm howitzer D-30, 152 mm howitzer D-20, 152 mm howitzer 2А36 «Msta-B», 152 mm gun 2А65 «Giatsint -B»;

• self-propelled systems 122 mm self-propelled howitzer 2S1 «Gvozdika», 152 mm self-propelled howitzer 2S 3 «Akatsija», 152 mm self-propelled howitzer 2S5 « Giatsint -S», 152 mm self-propelled howitzer 2S19 “Msta-S”;

• with MLRS BМ-21 «Grad», 9P140 «Uragan».

• replacement of towed power supply station ЭБ16Т/230П-Ч/400-М1 with capacity 16 kWt, operation frequency 400 Hz, designed for power supply of the computing device 1V510М to generation unit АB1-P 28,5-V with capacity 1 kWt;

• mounting of new power supply station;

• comfortable conditions for CCV’s crew operation.

Advantages of the upgraded CCV 1V111-B:

• at the average triple decrease of time for the preparation for firing and fire control, detection of mounts for firing, auxiliary tasks solution;

• 40% increase of data preparation accuracy for firing;

• decrease of ammunition consumption for adjustment fire and targets engagement;

• combat application variants enhancement;

• operator’s workability;

• considerable increase of reliability rate within operation, decrease of expenses for technical maintenance and repair;

• AB-1 generation unit CCV equipment operation, decrease of fuel consumption for consumers power supply;

• increase of maneuverability and motion speed up to 80 km/hrs;

• CCV’s crew size decrease.

Special software possibilities:

• maximal number of input fire positions points coordinates, command-observation posts, separate targets – up to 99;

• maximal number of input coordinates of the points of aiming of stationary screen, moving barrage, columns – up to 102;

• detection of the mounts for firing on the basis of complete preparation for the defeat of fixed and moving targets;

• adjustment fire results processing;

• detection of the mounts for firing by adjustment fire data;

• input and consideration of meteorological and ballistic conditions for firing by various means, calculation of the parameters of projectiles trajectory, calculation of the fields of overall adjustment for the deviation of meteorological and ballistic firing conditions according to the meteorological stations (posts) data, calculated adjustments graphing;

• automated updating of overall adjustments fields, as well as meteorological information by the results of firing;

• modeling of the average and actual parameters of atmosphere on the ground of bulletin;

• detection of possibility to fire through shelter;

• recalculate rectangular coordinates from one coordinate zone to another one;

• solution of survey tasks on detection of the objects coordinates and directional angles calculation;

• solution of tasks on calculation of the directional angles of oriented directions upon the Luminaries’ (Sun and the North Star) observation results;

• calculation of the corrections at adjustment fire against target (by all means) and adjustment of the fire within firing for effect;

• storage of the accumulated data about input coordinates, tasks in file form, exchange by radio and wired communication channels, required information printing;

• graphic display of the input data (artillery and maintaining subunits combat order, objects, targets) on the electronic diagram;

• solution of tasks, applying topographic maps of terrain (at their availability).

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