Upgraded HF radio communication automated radio jamming station R-378AB

The jamming station R-378AB is designed for:

• automated search, detection, bearing, panoramic observation and definition of location of HF emission sources;

• radio suppression of lines of HF radio communication, including lines with the program readjustment of operating frequency.


Frequency band

1,5-30 MHz

Mean square error of bearing measurement


Number of suppression channels

4 и более

Parameters of formed jamming:


- frequency modulation by noise (FMN)

Any values from 0 to 2000 kHz

- FMN scanning

Any values

from 0 to 10 kHz; 0,5-3 sec

- chaotic pulse sequence of frequency telegraph

Any values

from 1 to 10000 Hz with interval 1 Hz;

from 5 to 9600 baud

- other types of jamming

Upon coordination with Customer

Time of adjustment of suppression channels on a reconnaissance interval

2 ms

Time of switch of suppression channels on suppression interval

2 mks

Power of the jammer

1000 Wt


The designer and manufacturer is OJSC “KB Radar” – the managing company of the holding “Systems of radiolocation”