Testing-diagnostic system «VEKTOR»

Testing-diagnostoc system «Vector» is designed for diagnostic and repair of digital, analog and digital-analog electronic equipment of special designation, communication means, control system and equipment, manufacture technology of which by some reasons was lost.

Solving tasks:

• allows to accelerate equipment diagnostic timely, increase diagnostic accuracy, reduce cost and increase quality of the repair;

• allows to perform quick repair and diagnostic at pressed time on the spot;

• allows to learn quickly repair and diagnostic methods of electronic items, which were not repaired before;

• allows to check and repair items with not complete documentation, or without documentation.

Advantages comparing to analogs:

• allows to perform diagnostic and repair by the means of personnel with average qualification, diagnose faults without turning power voltage, master repair of radio equipment without documentation;

• faults detection rate is close to 100% at average time of repair technology development 3 hrs and average tome of fault detection— 30 min.