Snow and swamp-going vehicle «PEGAS»

Is designed to transport people and cargo in adverse terrain with swamps and marshlands, in deep-snow terrain. Floatability allows without any efforts to pass water barriers and centralized tyre inflation system and built-in into transmission interaxial block systems of all axes allow to reach excellent passability and practically do not destroy the upper ground layer. Vehicle wheel formula can be either 6х6 or 10х10 (with trailer). Diesel engine 122 h.p – allows to accelerate from 3,5 km/hr off the road –up to 50 km/hr on flat areas. It is possibly even for fully loaded vehicle with trailer to overcome hills with inclination up to 25%, get out to any unprepared coasts, including floating grass and moors. Hydraulic winch with pulling force of 9 ton allows to the vehicle to climb independently to the cliffed shores and pass rivers with rush flow.