R&D institute NIIEVM jointly with Saint Petersburg NPK Positron is developing cyberspy-protected PC based on Russian CPU “Elbrus-4S”

Within the research and development work, OJSC NIIEVM jointly with NPK Positron LLC (Saint Petersburg) is developing new cyberspy-protected personal computer VМ2016 based on quad core high-performance multi-purpose Russian CPU “Elbrus-4S”. 

New item is a fully functional laptop with 17” LCD screen designed for use in data processing systems that require protection of data and PC resources against unauthorized access and prevention from data leak by side electromagnetic radiation and interference. VМ2016 can be operated under harsh weather conditions — withstand temperature change from - 40 up to + 50 C. The item is made of aluminum alloy providing PC protection against mechanical and weather impact and allows installing the item outdoors and indoors, inside cabins of tracked and wheeled chassis, railway transport, coast and sea-based facilities and vehicles. At present time, VМ2016 item undergoes a number of tests upon Customer’s requirement. Serial production of PC is scheduled for the second half of 2018. OJSC NIIEVM is the partner of Russian NPK Positron LLC since 2017.