“PURGA” HF radio communication jammer

Radio reconnaissance designation of the system:

- automated search, detection, determination of bearing and coordinates (when operating as mated pairs), technical analysis of ground and aerial HF fixed-frequency and frequency-hopping (with up to 300 hops-per-second rate in 10 MHz band) radio emission sources;

- reception and decoding of “Mode-S” identification signals of aerial platforms, trajectory imaging of aerial platforms radiating “Mode-S” signals;

- transfer of radio reconnaissance data to the control post and reception of target designations from the control post (the control post is not included in the “Pourga” jammer delivery set, the delivery of the control post is reasonable for delivery of four or more jammers).


Jamming designation of the system: jamming of ground and aviation HF radio communication links:

a) simultaneous jamming of up to 4 fixed-frequency links operating within a single transmitter letter-designated frequency;

b) simultaneous jamming of one frequency-hopping net with up to 200 hops-per-second rate within a single transmitter letter-designated frequency, but not to exceed 10 MHz.




Radio reconnaissance operating frequency band

1.5–30 MHz

Jamming working frequency band:

1.5–30 MHz

RMSE of direction-finding, maximum

Peak sensitivity of radio receiving device (RX) of the detector/direction-finder, not worse than:

2 mcV

RX dynamic band in a two-signal mode for 2.5 kHz detuning between frequencies, not less than

60 dB

RX dynamic band in a single-signal mode, not less than

100 dB

Simultaneous scanning bandwidth, not less than

10 MHz

Frequency scan rate in simultaneous scanning bandwidth, not less than:

2 GHz/s

Accuracy of determination of average signal spectrum frequency, not worse than

100 Hz

Level of high harmonic components of the jamming signal, not more than

minus 60 dB

Radio reconnaissance of frequency-hopping links, maximum number of hops/s

300 hops/s

Response time in generating spot jamming of the monitored fixed frequencies, within the lettered working frequency limit of the power amplifier, maximum

25 ms

Response time in jamming frequency-hopping radio links, within up to 2 MHz band, maximum

0.8 ms

Frequency band of the directional transmitting antennas:

1.5–12 MHz,

12–30 MHz

Transmitting antenna gains:


- in the 1.5 to 12 MHz band, minimum

3 dB

- in the 12 to 30 MHz band, minimum

6 dB

Station setup and teardown time by 4 men

45 min

Station power supply:


- commercial three-phase AC power supply


- three-phase 380 V 50 Hz AC diesel generator (DG), 16 kW




Service life, years

minimum 10

Mean time between failures, hours



The designer and manufacturer is OJSC “KB Radar” – the managing company of the holding “Systems of radiolocation”