PKT-2 road layer

PKT-2 road layer is designed to lay column paths and conduct road repairs. It can arrange crossings through trenches, ditches and other obstacles; clear the terrain from the bushes, low forest and stones; it can arrange descends to bridges and fords; it can lay roads on slopes; clear the roads and air fields from snow; dig pits during selfdigging.

Technical output:  
• when laying column path on virgin lands,
bushes, and low forest, km/h
• when laying roads on virgin snows and
when clearing roads from snow, km/h
• when making descends to the fords,
filling up holes and when laying
out the terrain, m3/h
• when digging pits in II-IV
soils category, m3/h
Max drive speed, km/h 45
Fuel endurance, km 800
Crew, man 2