Perimeter fiber-optic detection system «ZUBR»

Designed to build multi-control perimeter detection systems on the base of fiber-optic distributed deformation sensors.

Main technical specifications:

• Barrier type – any professional barriers of deformation type: Rabitz- type wire, «Repeinik», etc. 

• Zones under check max. number– unlimited.

• Perimeter maximal length (max. remoteness of targeted area from hardware-software part) – 50 000 m.

• Distance of the zone under check – from 0 up to 550 m.

• Climatic zones of application – any.

• Sensibility to electro magnetic interference – absolute non sensitivity to any electro magnetic interferences.

• Electromagnetic compatibility – complete compatibility with any radio electronic devices.

• Operation period – at least 10 years.

• Warranty period – starting with 18 months.