MLRS Polonez Equipped with Belarusian Missile To Be Testedin the First Half of 2018

MLRS Polonez equipped with Belarusian rocket is to be tested in the first half of 2018 according to the official statement by the state secretary of the Security Council Mr. Stanislav Zas reported by BELTA. 

Mr. Stanislav Zas highlighted that Belarus achieved significant progress and now has its own Multiple Launch Rocket System called “Polonez”. “This is a Belarusian system entirely, while the rocket is not ours partially. We now face the task of making it a completely Belarusian-made rocket. We have done a lot in this regard, including our efforts in previous year. The present step is to test the system equipped with Belarusian rocket. I hope that we will carry out the tests in the first half of this year and I hope that it will be a success", said the state secretary of the Security Council.

Mr. Stanislav Zas as well mentioned the upgrade of Buk Air Defence Missile System as one of the priorities. "Modern systems are in demand all over the world, but the missile used in such systems is still the old one, though upgraded and modified. The present task is to create a Belarusian-made missile. Then it will be quite a different system with different performances", he stated.

Today, Mr. Stanislav Zas took part in a panel of the State Military Industrial Committee to discuss the results of 2017 and the plans for 2018. According to the state secretary, the work of the companies and enterprises of the State Military Industrial Committee can be rated as successful for the past year. "Positive economic results, increasing overall production, increasing profit of the companies, increasing export. Besides, the number of countries that are buying our products has increased from 60 to 69 during the previous year. I am very glad to say that less and less countries are operating as agents, as we are trading with the whole world directly. We are heartened with the success in the development of aircraft vehicles. We have done a lot in the field of UAVs and now the top priority for this year is creating combat UAVs. I think that during current year this task will be fully resolved", concluded Mr. Stanislav Zas.