“Missile Accurately Engaged The Target”. Belarus Showed “Polonez” to Kazakhstan

Last week Belarus and Kazakhstan carried out joint command and staff military exercise for rocket troops and artillery. A recent Belarusian development, Polonez MLRS was demonstrated during the exercise and that became one of its key points.

The Belarusian military fired from Polonez MLRS and Tochka Tactical Missile System at Sary Shagan testing range, Kazakhstan, as reported by “Vayar”.

“At exactly 11AM local time, a guided rocket was launched from Polonez MLRS over Betpak-Dala desert.” An artillery crew under the command of Major Mikhail Krivoshey was able to do all the necessary operations way ahead of the time standard. Right after their performance, the UAVs of 927th UAV Training Center approved that the rocket accurately engaged the target, according to the official statement.

Belarus is now working on the issue of exporting Polonez MLRS. As Mr. Oleg Dvigalev, the Chairman of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus stated, the objective for 2018 is to export multiple rocket launch systems both to CIS and CSTO countries and far abroad.

Polonez is the most famous innovation of Belarusian military industry. This MLRS was adopted by the Armed Forces of Belarus in 2016.