LLC “BSVT-W” offers various types of grenade launcher systems which fulfill modern demands of tactical troops at close quarter combat.

The main advantages of the grenade launcher systems offered for sale are the following: universality, ergonomics, advanced combat power.

The enterprise is ready to offer grenade launchers of 60mm, 64mm, 72mm, 80mm, 90mm, 93mm, 105mm, 120mm calibers with HE-Frag, tandem shaped charge (HEAT) , universal multi-purpose and thermobaric warheads.


Offered for sale grenade launchers, depending on it type, have the following up-to-date tactical advantages:

ergonomics: compact and ergonomic dimensions, making carrying and application of grenade launchers more comfortable, which directly influences soldier's combat operation;

accuracy: increased velocity of grenade with full boost inside the barrel which in comparison with analogues with sustainer motors, provide increased accuracy and does not require wind corrections which allows soldier to fully concentrate on the assigned combat task;

sighting range: if compared to the world analogues, offered grenade launchers have increased accuracy of sighting fire range;

habitability: have the best habitability performance, which is Fire-From-Enclosure (FFE) capable - allows to fire from small size semi-closed and closed premises;

armor piercing performance: allows to pierce the thickest armor covered with explosive reactive armor;

modern rounds: can apply up-to-date multi-purpose types of rounds developed on the basis of binary thermobaric warheads of own design;

digital guidance devices: fire control device can be applied for the most effective engagement. It operate with ballistic specifications of rounds, external factors, gunner tremor and target specifications providing exceptional accuracy.